Inschrijven KCM Ierdie keurmeester Ian Finney 2 juni 2018 Lelystad

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Profile of Ian Finney
I was born into Irish Wolfhounds, my father Timothy having established the Gulliagh Kennels more than 20 years before I was born. So, it was natural for me to be attending dog shows and other IW events since before I can remember, as well as living and growing up surrounded by these wonderful dogs. When I was old enough, I started Junior Handling, which I continued for my teenage years, being the only person in Ireland to qualify for National Finals with an IW, on multiple occasions. As time went on, I also started handling in the confirmation classes, and when I was 16, I became a full partner in the Gulliagh Kennels. In my name in more than ten years since, I have had 11 Irish Champions and 2 GB Champions (plus 7 Dachshund Irish Champions), bred many other Champions in other countries, from Argentina to the USA and many in Europe, as well as handling dogs to various Specialty and All-Breed Show wins (my first BIS I handled to was the IWC of Northern Ireland when I was just 19).
I have also handled dogs in the UK and around Europe at European IWC Congresses, European and World Shows, as well at a lower level, while I was studying abroad
I started my judging education when I was 19, judging my first Irish Wolfhounds in 2007. I am now qualified to award CACs to Afghans, Borzois, Deerhounds, Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Salukis, Sloughis and Whippets.
In June 2014, I judged Irish Wolfhounds at the biennial European IW specialty in Finland, 265 dogs between 3 judges. In July 2016, I was delighted to judge the IW Association of New England Speciality outside Boston, MA, USA. Also, I have judged IWs in Czech Republic (twice), Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden (twice) and the UK (awarding CC’s).
Outside of dogs, I am a qualified and practising veterinary surgeon. Again, I have IWs to thank for bringing my career in that direction and it will hopefully allow me to continue the Gulliagh Kennels far into the future.
I am very much looking forward to judge in the Netherlands for the first time this June, a country I am very fond of.